Bring on the cross training and strength!

I haven’t done cross training or strength (i.e. weights – free and machine – at the gym) regularly since last Fall.

I had a bad attitude about cross training for several reasons:

  • It’s not running.  I love running.  When I have time to exercise, I want it to be doing something I love.
  • It’s boring.  The only thing I really do is the stationary bike at the gym and biking to no where is boring.
  • My weight routine had gotten very routine.  Same old thing, over and over.  To the point that I’m sure it lost it’s effectiveness.
  • It didn’t feel like a “real” work out to me because I would rarely work up a sweat on the bike.  I usually did my cross on my lunch hour at work (because the only gym I belong to is the Gold’s, near my work), which means I still need to look decent for court and clients in the afternoon.  Which means I can’t REALLY work up a sweat.
  • I REALLY prefer to get my sweat on first thing in the morning, in case kids/life/work interferes and I can’t get to it.  Since I don’t have a gym by me at home, and don’t own a bike, that limits my cross training before work.
  • I felt like to be a better runner, I need to RUN more.  Not bike or elliptical or stairs or whatever.
BUT – starting today, I am moving forward with a new and improved attitude about cross-training:
  • I’m gonna work up a good sweat on the lunch hour and just bring some extra perfume and hairspray.  Court and clients will just have to deal with my less than stellar look in the afternoons!  If I’m gonna spend the time at the gym, I might as well make it worth my effort.
  • It’s been so long since I’ve done weights that my same old, same old routine isn’t old anymore.  I did “the usual” arm and leg weights today and it felt good and challenging.  I may even get courageous and have someone at the gym show me some new stuff!
  • Mostly, I’m changing my attitude and looking at cross training as a way to IMPROVE my running, by working different muscles, giving my legs a break from the pounding of running, while still giving me an aerobic workout.   And, I know it prevents injuries. I KNOW cross training is good for running.  I just needed a wake up call and to be reminded about it.
SO – cross training for the day is done.  60  minutes of sweaty stationary biking (really bad hair this afternoon; I’ll spare you the picture) and weights (arms and legs).  Also did pilates bright and early today (which I HAVE been doing all year, and which I know does benefit my running).
Any other ideas for cross training I can do that doesn’t involve swimming (I don’t swim) or an actual bicycle (I don’t own one)?  What do  you guys do for cross?  Do you lift weights?  Have you noticed a benefit for your running?

2 thoughts on “Bring on the cross training and strength!

  1. There’s always the elliptical but that really mimics running without the impact. And it’s super boring. I find it hard to be motivated to do anything but run. Maybe you’ll inspire me to do more yoga and strength train! I need a real kick in the ass though…I can always find excuses not to do it. I can’t remember the last time I found an excuse not to run!

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