Twin Cities Marathon Training, week #2 recap

First, a big welcome back to blogging and running to the faster running lawyer, Mindi!  Can’t wait to read about your progress towards kicking Chicago’s butt!


TCM training week #2 recap:

Miles run: 38.2 miles

Minutes biked: 50

Pilates: 4 times

The schedule for the run club runs Sunday – Saturday.  I’m a monday – sunday girl and can’t bring myself to change it!  So my numbers here look different than on the group training log thingy.  I think Lora switched to sunday – saturday weeks.  Anyone else make the switch?
I feel good about the quality of the workouts, but feel like the mileage should be higher.   I’m really supposed to run a sub 3:40 marathon with 38 mile weeks?  I get the cross training thing, and I think that’s good for me.  But I feel like I need more miles.  I really really miss my mid-week medium-long run.   Might ask the coach about why this plan doesn’t have that and see his thoughts on extending one of my other runs, like the Wednesday one that was 6 miles, to the 10 – 12 mile range instead.


One thought on “Twin Cities Marathon Training, week #2 recap

  1. Thanks! I am a big Monday-Sunday person too – the switch would be hard. I am doing the absolute opposite of you right now – higher mileage, but frustratingly slow. I am hoping to pick it up a bit in the coming weeks. Good job keeping up with the pilates too. I did it 2x this week, but really need to get on it!

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