Winsor, Walking & Wine, oh my!

Today’s schedule said, “Rest.  No Running. Active Recovery Optional (Hike, Bike, Walk, Stretch, etc.)”

I understand the whole active recovery concept, but it’s hard for me not to do slow recovery runs.  But, I’m gonna trust in the plan/coach and do what I’m told.

So I started the day off with some Winsor ( pilates – buns & thighs edition)

Followed up with 60 minutes (4.25 miles) of walking on the trail in 84 degrees and sun (got my sweat on!):

And tonight I will continue my active recovery with some red wine, because I’m meeting my Girls 10 group for dinner at Crave and I’m sure the Run Club folks want me to have a healthy heart.  And if it’s one thing me and the girls do well, it’s drink wine!*









Yes, we sampled all those wines on our Girls Trip to San Ynez wine country (and that was just at the 1st of 4 vineyards!).  And no, we aren’t too proud to drink wine out of plastic cups when we need to.

* Though in light of coach’s email about tomorrow’s 5:30 a.m. run, I’m not gonna have 3 glasses of wine like this picture on our Girls Trip in Seattle last year!  The email:  Monday workout, tempo run you will love me for this one.  Actually it’s a hard ass 2.8 mile run with a warmup and cool down.  I’m going to run you out to my favorite course and make you bust it out as fast as you can then run back to the club.

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