My Happy Place

I decided that 400 meters is My Happy Place (for speedy stuff; in life my Happy Place is eating bakery cake with butter cream frosting and pink roses!)

Shorter than 400m and it’s too quick, my turnover isn’t quite there.  Longer than 400m (on a track at least; I still think i prefer doing my speedy stuff on my normal running trail) and I get irritated.  My pace on 400m repeats seems decent – I can keep the speedy runners just in front of me; on longer repeats I fade and fall behind the speedy runners.  I don’t get irritated or discouraged on 400 meters because there is a quick end in sight.

Today’s workout:  w/u; 2 miles of sprinting the straight, recovery jog on curve, repeat; 2 x 400m all out (fun!); 1 x 800m at 5k pace; c/d

I got up early and got to the track before everyone else and did 1.5 miles at my slow warm up pace, then more warm up with the group (their warm up pace is just about my marathon pace!).   The speedy part of this workout was meant to be a cut-back workout (because the last two weeks have been harder speed workouts).  When I looked at it on paper, I thought it would be easy.  I mean, it’s just 100m of sprinting at a time, followed by recovery jog.  But 16 of these little sprints, at a crazy fast pace when I’m trying not to get completely dusted by the other speedy runners, sort of wore me down.  By the time I was done with a mile, I was exhausted and my legs felt like jello.  I’m sure it was because I was trying to keep the speedsters not too far in front of me.  But by the 8th 100m sprint, I faded.  Ugggg.  Frustrating that I can’t seem to sustain the speedy stuff for as long as everyone else.  After resting a few minutes, we did 2 x 400m all out (with one minute rest in between).  I loved these!  Very manageable.  Paces were 6:24 and 6:15.  Then came the 800m, which wasn’t terrible, but wasn’t fun like the 400’s.  Pace: 6:56  We wrapped up with 2 one minute planks and 2 30 second side planks on the field.   Love strengthening the core!


In non-running news, we are working on slimming Norah down.

She just went to the vet and they said she is “not quite obese yet, but getting there”.   Apparently we’re supposed to be able to feel her ribs instead of just layers of flab and fur!  So, like me mixing things up with my running, we are starting to mix things up with Norah’s walking (and cut down on the cheetos that she eats!).  She normally just does a slow lap around the block (about .45 miles) a couple times a day.  Now we are trying to slowly walk her for longer and for more times a day.  This morning I took her on the trail, which ended up being good because she sees bikers and runners and trys to sprint after them.  Good for her metabolism!



3 thoughts on “My Happy Place

  1. I like that speed workout. Very different, not your same-old, same-old. I do like 400m too, for the exact reasons you mentioned. 800s are OK too.

    I took Hawk to the vet on Friday (routine visit) and the vet said he was “chubby”. I felt horrible – like a bad mom! So we are cutting back on his food but the poor guy is hungry.

    1. There’s one coming up that is similar, but with 200 sprint, 200 recovery for 2 miles. I can tell that one is gonna make me crabby.

      I know, Meg was with me at the vet and we both felt like bad owners. We joked later that we were sure the vet had called Animal Control on us because Norah was overweight, had tartar buildup on her teeth, had a dried up poop hanging from the fur on her butt that we hadn’t noticed in advance and her nails were out of control long. Bad owners!

      I love Hawk! It’s just baby fat!

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