Even though this new training plan has multiple workouts-from-hell each week involving hills and speed, I sort of feel like I’m slacking.

Why?  The total weekly mileage is significantly less than what I was doing for Grandma’s training.  For Grandma’s I was logging 50 mile weeks in the first 3 weeks of training, then 6 weeks of 60 – 70+ mile weeks, then a relatively high mileage taper.  I liked the high mileage (and the quality).  I felt like I was really working hard and like I was super fit.

Looking ahead at the whole training schedule for TCM, the total weekly mileage has me doing 35 – 45 miles for the next 4 weeks, 3 weeks of 45 – 55ish miles, then 3 weeks of 55 – 60ish miles, followed by taper.  The 55 – 60ish mile weeks will be good, but for the other ones I know I’m going to feel like I should be doing more.  I already feel restless this week.  I wanted this morning’s run (6 easy miles) to be longer.  All of the Pfitz plans I followed (and the grandma’s plan) had mid-week long runs, and I felt like those were really important.

I guess I’ll  just sit tight and trust in the coach/plan until he tells me differently.  Maybe I should use this extra time to get to Gold’s and start lifting and biking again more regularly (I’ve only been one time in the past 4 months!).

2 thoughts on “Slacking!

  1. Holy crap you have high mileage. I’m running 50Ks this summer and my highest mileage week has been 40. 🙂 Enjoy the extra free time!

    1. Hi Kara – I know I need to just relax and enjoy it. I just FEEL like I’m slacking. My best marathon was on my lowest mileage plan though, so maybe there is something to be said for the low mileage!

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