Twin Cities Marathon Training, Week#1 recap

4th of July weekend was fabulous!  Lots of family fun, s’mores, and running along the shore of two of the best lakes in Minnesota – Mille Lacs on Saturday and Lake Superior on Sunday and Monday.

Running along North Shore in Tofte

This week also marked week #1 of my Twin Cities Marathon training, with the big news being that I joined a running group and have a SPEEDY running coach helping me (he just placed 5th OA in a big local HM, with a 1:17 time!).  Things feel pretty good, though the hamstrings were a bit tight during my long run Sunday.

Twin Cities Marathon Training Week #1 recap:

  • Miles run: 42.7
  • Minutes biked: 60
  • pilates: 2 times

This week’s goal is to get my eating and drinking back on track.  I feel squishy and icky from eating too many s’mores and drinking too many beers!

Dropped Meg off at camp yesterday – I already miss her!

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