Mixing Things Up!

Remember I told you that I had exciting news?

Well, wait no more.  Here it is:   I joined a running club that is about 15 minutes from my house, at a local fitness center.  It has a training program for Twin Cities, Chicago and Des Moines Marathons.  And there is a coach who personalizes the plan for the runners.  And we’ll do drills.   And they provide nutrition tips.  And tips on getting through mental barriers.  And I’ll do up to 3 group runs a week (yikes!).  And all my runs won’t be at 4:30 a.m. (yikes!)   And the coach will be able to provide tips/input about my running form based on watching me run during the group runs (yikes!)

Those of you who have been following me forever know that I am Type A and a creature of habit and that I don’t like attention focused on me.  So all of this stuff is sort of scary for me.   BUT, it is also exciting for me and, I think, just what I need in order to mix things up, improve my time and improve my attitude!

So, I know what you are thinking: It was only a week ago that you swore you’d never run another marathon.  How did you decide to join a running training group?     Well, I changed my mind.  I’m a woman, I can do that.  🙂

Seriously, I wasn’t looking to do this.  I was still thinking about doing Twin Cities, but switching back to Pfitz 12/55 because that gave me decent results last year.  But then a friend of mine sent an email, with a facebook message that she had received from a lady that she works with, who I’ve only met once.  Well, this woman knew that I run and somehow she must have found out that I blew up, AGAIN, at Grandma’s.  This woman is a couple years older than me and went from a 4:26 marathon down to a 3:23 marathon in just a couple years.  Her FB message to my friend was:

Tell your friend Cindi that I have the person that can train her to get her to Boston. Without a doubt. I’m not sure what her next race is BUT he is training people for Twin Cities, Chicago and DesMoines right now. I think this would be a good fit for her.  You can tell her for Boston training he trained all 12 of us to PR’s, even me the crippled, injured one! I think she would be pleasantly surprised. He has a following and a reputation that proceeds him in this area. Plus he’s a hoot! 

So I emailed this woman for a bit to find out about the training group.  Part of her response:  He WILL get you to Boston and while doing it will make you BLAZING fast! 

Checking up on the coach’s athlinks results, it looks like HE is blazing fast, having run a 2:41 marathon at Boston this year and then a 2:49 at Fargo a month later.  So he’s fast.  And he his entire training group of 12 to each have a PR in Boston.  And he is letting me join the group even though I’m not a member of the fitness club.  AND, it’s not even very expensive (like, so cheap that I’m wondering how in the world they make money on this!).

So, I signed up.  And if my legs are feeling good this week I’ll have my first group workout at the the track on Thursday.




5 thoughts on “Mixing Things Up!

  1. Coaches are great things and can really help you find an achievable goal and at the same time push you beyond it. I have no doubt that you will find this a great experience.

    I’m looking forward to future updates. Enjoy!

  2. Just read your Grandma’s race report. Sounds like you had a rough run of it as well….Congrats on #7 nonetheless.

    That running group sounds just fantastic! I would love to have an option like that! Hope it works out great for you!

    And yes, I’m doing Twin Cities. Looking for a little redemption and I like the course!!! Good luck with the training!

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