Recovery, Cindi-Style!


A lot of people recover from marathons by doing light cross training or a reverse taper (take your training plan from taper and work backwards).   Me?  Because I think this time I may have really injured something, I’m recovering a bit differently.*  I’m doing one week of absolutely no fitness activity, coupled with eating lots of crappy-but-oh-so-good food and yummy adult beverages.  So far so good.

*Note:  this recovery method hasn’t been scientifically tested, so try it at your own risk.


Best dessert ever at Hazellwood – berries, oatmeal cookie and ice cream


Stay tuned for some exciting (for me anyway) news after my eat/drink fest recovery! 

5 thoughts on “Recovery, Cindi-Style!

  1. oooh, wonder what the exciting news is!
    wait, is there any other way to recover by drinking and eating a lot?! a week of no running or anything else is completely necessary!

  2. I like your plan! Especially the beer part!

    In any case you might want to have your IT band looked at or at the very least ice it when you can. I had a similar thing happen a few years ago and I used a roller on it. It was painful medicine but it really mad a difference.

    Enjoy the break!

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