Uggggg: 4:14:xx

The quick story: Done with #7. So frustrating to have good training cycle and not-so-good race. Right where I wanted to be at 8:30 pace through mile 11. Then just before mile 12 a cramping/tweak issue of my right quad (I have to look at my race report from Little Rock – I’m pretty sure it’s the same issue). The cramping continued and I had to stop every mile and stretch it, which I was ok with. Stopped and talked to my family at mile 19. My miles were slow, with me stopping to stretch it but I was still ok with what I knew wouldn’t be my ideal race. BUT then during mile 25 something really really sucky happened to my right knee (I believe IT band) and I literally couldn’t run. I shuffled and walked and stopped and swore. Repeat. The last 1.2 miles took me like 18 minutes. I literally had to keep stopping and walking and standing still during the entire last .2 miles, in front of the gazillion spectators. Uggggg.

Detailed report later.

One thought on “Uggggg: 4:14:xx

  1. I’ve been there and I know how frustrating this can be. Complain, bitch, drop f-bombs, etc. for today only…allow yourself that. Tomorrow you will feel better. Think about it this way…you stopped every mile for more than half the race and then jogged/walked/stopped the last 1.2 miles and still finished in 4:14! That’s impressive!

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