Grandma’s Marathon festivities!

Today was a great day in Duluth!  Fun car ride up with the kids (and friend), quality time with the kids and my mom at lunch and the Expo, then relaxing/race prep at the hotel, followed by dinner with my Girls 10 friend Shelly and her family (her husband is trying to BQ with a 3:20 tomorrow).

Forecast is definitely calling for rain at the start and during it, but temps are predicted to be good (50) and a tailwind.  I don’t think the rain will be terrible.  I’m not letting it alter my plan.

Off to read my book and hit the sack early!  Got the alarm set for 4:00 a.m. And a back up alarm for 4:05 a.m. And a back up to the back up for 4:15! 🙂

See ya at the finish line.

Click on image below for slideshow of the day!

Grandma's Marathon 2011

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