Grandma’s Goals (and outfit)!

In case you are spectating or running Grandma’s and looking for me, I’ll be in green and black, with a touch of my signature pink (of course!) in the shorts and on my head!

There is also runner tracking available until Friday night at 9:00 p.m. (though in the past I think the text/email tracking has sucked).  Link to it here.

Pacing plan is now all set.

And, just to keep my 5 followers in formed, and keep myself accountable, my goals are:

A Goal:  I’ll be trying for a sub 3:40, which will put be 10 minutes under my BQ time and have a MUCH better chance of Boston next year than my current 19 seconds under qualifying time!

B Goal:  I’d also be thrilled with anything under 3:45, because that would also give me a better chance of actually getting in Boston next year.

C Goal:  And, if neither of those work, then I’d still like a PR (current 3:49:41)

D Goal: (which really is also my A, B and C goal):  Have fun!

5 thoughts on “Grandma’s Goals (and outfit)!

  1. Cute outfit! Love your past couple posts and can tell you are totally pumped and ready for this race! I would like to say good luck, but don’t think you’ll need it…luck is when preparation meets opportunity! You are prepared and the opportunity is here!

  2. The more I train the luckier i get. I feel the same applies to you. But good luck none the less! May the wind be at your back and you enjoy every step!

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