Must run far and fast!

Today is one of those days.  Frustrating on so many levels.  If I weren’t in taper, the final days before Grandma’s, I’d be outside right now running far and fast to get my anger and frustration and irritability out of my system.  It’s not being able to run on days like today, when I really want to run just for me and my sanity, that I realize just how much I love running and how much I depend on it.


On another note, I’ve been busy playing on the internet planning things to do in CHICAGO the weekend after Grandma’s.  Ultra quick family trip planned.  Likely no time for running while I’m there, but time for lots of fun stuff, including a White Sox game, seeing the Northwestern Campus (the 13 year old daughter is already eyeing it!  Woot!), probably the Sears Tower, some shopping and checking out Stoney Point, a bar/restaurant owned by our college buddy.  What other must do Chicago things should we add to our list?

2 thoughts on “Must run far and fast!

  1. Fun! I love having something fun planned the first weekend post-marathon (and you don’t feel guilty not running)! I’ve been to Chicago a few times, many moons ago in college. I do remember the shopping and bars to be quite fun though!

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