S’mores = Perfect Carb Loading!

Chocolate, gooey marshmallows and graham crackers – what a delicious combination of pure carbs!

I know what you’re thinking.  Carb loading already, isn’t your marathon a week away?  True.  True.  But, carb loading was the perfect excuse to eat three s’mores and not feel like too much of a pig!

And yes, those are crumbs all over my leg.  I eat my s’mores way too fast and make an enormous mess.  I couldn’t even wait to take a bite until after the picture was taken!  Way too delicious.

So, Grandma’s is a week away.  At this point in every other marathon training cycle I’ve done, I’ve gotten the taper twinges, tweaks and phantom pains/injuries.  You know, the mysterious pain in the shin or knee or wherever that didn’t rear it’s head at all during training, but decided to make an appearance during taper, just to F with my mind.  I fully expected to have all kinds of phantom (and maybe real) aches and pains this time around, since I was increasing both the quantity and quality of miles with this training plan. So, here is what I’ve experienced so far:  ______________________.     That’s right.  Nothing.  No aches.  No pains.  No ultra-tired legs.  None of it.  (And yes, I just knocked on the wood table after I wrote that, so that I didn’t jinx myself!)

In fairness, although I’m not feeling even the tiniest taper twinge, I am not feeling “fresh” and “ready to go” yet.  But I think that’s gonna happen in the next 7 days because the schedule is LIGHT (6 miles medium; 10-12 easy; off; 3 miles easy with some pick-ups;  2 or 3 miles easy; off; 1 or 2 miles easy; RACE DAY!).

I’m gonna mow the lawn one last time tomorrow and then I’m going on strike and making the husband and kids do all the house work til Grandma’s, so I can rest and eat s’mores carb load!  🙂

4 thoughts on “S’mores = Perfect Carb Loading!

  1. Kick up your feet and eat some more s’mores!!! Love the new header at the top of your page!

    I’m so excited for you! Just as excited as I would be for my own marathon. I know you are going to guarantee your spot in Boston!

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