Born to Run: The Naked Tour

It was a beautiful, sunny, hot day for the Naked Run that I said I was gonna do.  It was part of the Born to Run, Naked Tour to promote Chris McDougall’s book.  I heard Chris speak last Fall and loved everything he said – very motivating, inspiring and fun.  Today’s event was very different than last fall (where there were hundreds in attendance, it was inside and it was Chris speaking for a longer period of time).  Today was a very cool, laid back event that was sponsored by Gear West and The Bookcase.  A free 5ish mile run, followed by book signing, brief talks by Eric Orton, Chris McDougall and Scott Jurek, then a Q&A session.

The “Naked” part was supposed to be running barefoot or minimalist, if you chose. Otherwise running without garmins and gadgets and tech stuff.  I kept my shoes on, but went garmin-less!

Chris was very funny, just like he was last year.  His main message was that so many people focus on getting speed (getting that 3:59:59 they need to BQ) that they forget about the fun of running.  He thinks it should be the other way around – focus on the fun and the speed will come.

Scott Jurek spoke for quite awhile then.  I have to say, he was REALLY interesting and I liked him alot.  I didn’t know a whole lot about him, other than the obvious things everyone who runs knows:  That he is THE kick ass ultra runner.  He’s WON the Western States 100 mile like 7 years in a row.  He is a bad ass.  I was surprised by how tall and skinny he was.  But I suppose that’ll happen when you run a gazillion miles a year.

I forgot my Born To Run book at home, so I ended up buying the paperback copy they had on sale there.  Now I really will have to read it again (which I definitely want to do!)

The Naked Run, in pictures:

This morning’s Naked Run was part of McDougall’s Naked Tour

Chris McDougall signing books before the run

This was about as Naked as it actually got

Eric Orton, the guy who helped Chris with his running form

Scott Jurek autographing my Born to Run book while I smile like a dork

Scott Jurek and sweaty me!

Chris McDougall sharing his running tips

Scott Jurek sharing his running tips

Scott’s buddy Dusty providing humorous running tidbits about Scott

Chris’ advice to me:  Run Wild

Scott’s advice to me:  Run Long & Always w/ Heart.  Dig Deep.

Thanks to Gear West for hosting another great event!

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