267.8 miles!

Finished May this morning with an 8 mile run, which put me at 267.8 miles for the month of May.  I haven’t gone back and looked through my runningahead log for the 4 years I’ve been tracking, but I think this month probably ranks right up there as the highest mileage month to date!

This morning’s speed workout sounded (relatively) easy:  4x400m, 2x1600m, 4x200m (with 200m recovery jog between intervals and 400m between sets) But the temp (68 degrees and humid) and the wind (20mph gusts) conspired against me to make it more challenging than it should have been.  When I looked at the workout on paper I figured it would be easy to FLY on the 200 meter intervals, since they are so short.  But I was tired and the legs were not moving well at that point, so the pace on the 200 meter intervals ended up being right around the 400m pace.  Weird.


  • 4 x 400m (6:35, 6:30, 6:33, 6:30)
  • 2x 1600m (7:10; 7:15)
  • 4x200m (6:24, 6:36, 6:27, 6:44)

Guess what I started doing again today?  Tracking my food/drinks on myplate.  Even though I swore that thing off because it was irritating and evil.  Why?  Because I’ve found that during taper I go a bit crazy with the eating and beer drinking.  I’ve had SUCH a strong training cycle this time around that I want to force myself to see things through all the way to race day.  So I figured if I’m tracking food maybe it will help me control my sweet tooth and beer drinking a bit, which may translate to a better race.*  Plus, I’ve been having the GI issues again recently (this morning too), so maybe watching what I put in my mouth will help.

*Which is not to say that I won’t be eating sweets and drinking beer, because I know that when I completely deprive myself it backfires and I binge even more!

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