Did it!

Whew!  Made it through the biggest week of Grandma’s marathon training. And what a week it was.  LOTS of quality and miles.  With the holiday weekend and another crazy week with work and life, I didn’t end up having time to fit in pilates more than once.  (Actually I attempted it a second time, but gave up about 5 minutes in, when I just wasn’t feeling it).


Week #9 recap:

  • Miles run: 72.3
  • Pilates: 1 1/2

Monday: 6.2 miles (9:26). Pilates.  Easy paced recovery run.

Tuesday: 11 miles (8:34).  With 6 x 1 mile intervals, 400m recovery jog between.  Goal pace for the mile intervals was 7:20 – 7:30.  Ended up with 7:18, 7:19, 7:19, 7:33, 7:46, 7:30.  These were TOUGH!

Wednesday: 8 miles (9:04).  Legs felt sluggish and heavy.  Probably from yesterday’s speedy stuff.

Thursday: 9 miles (8:29).  4 of the miles were at tempo.  Goal 7:50.  Actual:  7:46, 7:50, 7:47, 7:46.  Felt much much easier than previous tempo runs.  Yipee!

Friday: 8 miles (9:17).  Forced myself to take it easy, with a big weekend of running coming up.

Saturday: 10.1 miles medium effort (8:24).  I love how these medium effort runs feel, especially when they end up being at a pace that I’d be satisfied with for a marathon!

Sunday: 20 miles (9:14).  Decent feeling long run at our cabin.  Not the best places to run long around there, so circled around Izaty’s area.  Ended up running into Meghan at one point and ran with her for a mile.  Fun!  Had major GI issues at mile 15 and was thankful that a bathroom was near.  Uggggg.  Didn’t have dairy the day before, so not sure what caused it (though I did have really greasy fried chicken and two beers the night before, so maybe that contributed?)

I always love the feeling of getting the last 20 miler of a training cycle out of the way.  Technically taper starts this week, though this plan really seems to have what I would consider more of a two week aggressive taper with this 3rd week just cutting back the miles a bit (58 miles this week, 41 miles this week, 8  miles in the five days before Grandma’s).  Should be interesting, since the plans I’ve usually followed have tapered a bit more.  As usual, if things don’t feel right, I’ll listen to the body and cut back.

Booked my hotel for Grandma’s last week.  Can’t wait!

One thought on “Did it!

  1. I’m so impressed with (1) 72.3 miles (holy crap!) and (2) 6 x 1-mile repeats!?!?!?! I would die. You are going to guarantee yourself a spot in Boston 🙂

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