Naked Running!

Catchy title, huh?  Should bring in lots of sickos to my blog.

I still get people on my blog EVERY DAY from searching sexy feet or similar; I do feel a bit bad when they realize that, in fact, all they will see here are my ugly feet and that the sexy feet thing was a joke 🙂

Anyway, on to the naked running stuff.  No, I’m not actually going to run without clothes.  🙂  Assuming my schedule will allow (i.e. the kids don’t need rides to baseball, track, etc.), then next Saturday I’m going to run with running legends/authors/coaches Chris McDougall, Scott Jurek, Marshall Ulrich and Eric Orton at the Naked Tour run, sponsored by Gear West.  Details here. More details here.

Intimidating?  Yes!  I always run by myself.  I’ve maybe run with others (besides races) literally only 5 times. So to run as part of a group with these running greats is very intimidating for me.  But, I was SO inspired and got so much mojo listening to Chris McDougall talk last fall when he was promoting his Born to Run book, that I will for sure go and run.  But I’ll be running with my clothes, and shoes, on.  None of that barefoot stuff for me this close to Grandma’s!

Anyone else in?

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