Good Fortune

Do you believe in fortunes?

You know, the ones that you get from Chinese fortune cookies at the end of a meal?  I wouldn’t say that I believe in them, per se.  Like I don’t think that they are the be all and end all.  I don’t think that what is written in them is necessarily an indicator of what will happen to you.

But, I have to confess, that when I get a good/meaningful fortune, I save it.  And I twist it around to fit whatever I think it applies to in my life/current situation.  And I think about it.  And I have found that sometimes the fortune comes true.  But, more often than not, I think the fortune coming true (or not) has to do with my attitude and outlook on whatever it is that I want that fortune to mean.

So, when I got this fortune at my last Girls 10 dinner on April 19th, I was happy (true, I’d have been happier if it said, “You will run 10 minutes faster than your BQ time”, but still).

Because when I opened it, and was only 4 weeks in to my Grandma’s training, my first thought was that the fortune was about my passion and determination to BQ.  I got this fortune April 19th, the day after watching and being inspired about the Boston Marathon.  The day after I ordered THREE running books, one of them called “Boston or Bust”.  And I’ve been hanging on to this little slip of paper.  I’ve had it posted on my bathroom mirror and looked at it every day.  And I’ve been thinking about it.  And thinking that it applies to my marathon training this time around.  So whether I actually race faster than my BQ time at Grandma’s happens or not, I do know, for certain, that this fortune has already come true.  Because my ATTITUDE and OUTLOOK has for sure made me much more passionate and determined about BQ’ing this time around.

And ya know what?  Even if I don’t get the crazy fast time goal that I have in mind, the passion and fun and fitness that I’ve achieved with this training cycle have been SO fabulous, that it really, truly won’t even matter.*

*Which is not to say that you won’t hear a bunch of F-Bombs and see tears if I don’t meet my goal. 

2 thoughts on “Good Fortune

  1. I love this! During the month of April I had a sticky note hanging at work with “3:45” written on it and it was also the wallpaper on my BlackBerry. Of course, my race didn’t turn out that way but I absolutely plan on doing it again.

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