New Zealand! (And Grandma’s Training Week #8 recap)

Mt.  Doom – New Zealand

One Tree Hill – Aukland, New Zealand

Roadside pic – heading south in New Zealand towards Wellington

No, I didn’t jet off to New Zealand and forget to tell you, my beloved blog readers, about it!  My husband did though.  He gets back today!  I just never think it’s a good idea to announce to The World my 5 blog readers that my husband is out of the country and I’m alone at the house with the kids.

With the husband being gone the last 9 days (read:  me being in charge of the house, meals, the puppy, the kids, rides to and from baseball and track every day) and with TWO trials this past week, this week’s scheduled cut back week couldn’t have come at a better time!

And cut back I did.  The schedule called for 47 – 49 miles.  I didn’t even hit that.  I ran on all 6 scheduled days, and ran the workout part of each run, but ended up cutting some of the warm up/cool down miles short because I simply DID NOT have enough time to get it all done this week.

But the good news is that I survived the week and am ready to tackle my biggest week of the training plan coming up (71 miles!).

So here is how Grandma’s Training Week #8 shook out:

  • Miles run:  41.3 miles
  • Pilates: 3 times

Monday:  Recovery 6 miles (9:22 pace).  Pilates advanced. Ran early evening, while the kids were at baseball and track practice.  66 degrees and sunny.  I’m hoping to run some of my easy runs in the heat the next month, so I can start acclimating to warmer weather.

Tuesday: 9 miles w/ intervals (8:46). Again, the temperature was a bit warmer than I am used to now, but this was good for acclimation.  52 and sunny.  The intervals just didn’t feel good.  I probably didn’t fuel/hydrate properly yesterday.

Supposed to be 2x800m, 2x1600m, 2x400m, with 400m recovery between intervals and sets (but 200m recovery between the 400’s). Goals were 6:45 for 800s, 7:00 for miles, 6:40 for 400’s. Probably too ambitious. Only one I hit were the 400’s (which surprises me because i was tired). The mile repeats were so so hard. Grrrr.

Wednesday:  5.9 miles (8:37).  Supposed to be 10 miles, but ran out of time.  Felt really good though.

Thursday: 6.4 miles (8:25), with 4 miles at tempo.  Tempo pace goal was around 7:50.  Ended up with 7:51, 7:47, 7:53, 7:51.  Felt harder than it should have.   Also cut the run short (it was supposed to be 8.5 miles) because I ran out of time.

Friday:  Rest day!  (And trial #2, so perfect timing because I wouldn’t have had time for a run before work and I had major headache after work).

Saturday:  5k race (25.13).  Pilates (advanced). Winner!  Schedule called for a 10k race, but there wasn’t one convenient this weekend. Plus, we always do the Celiac 5k and that was on Saturday.

Sunday:  10.6 miles (9:05).  Pilates (abs). Weird to have my “long” run be only 10 miles!

One thought on “New Zealand! (And Grandma’s Training Week #8 recap)

  1. Sooo jealous of DH’s trip! My youngest sister is traveling to Australia in just a few weeks, I’ll live vicariously through her. 😉

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