Update:  results are up on raceberry. I did, in fact, finish first female!

  • 25:12.9  (pink hat lady was 17 seconds behind me!)
  • 1/77 females
  • 16/143 overall finishers


Yep.  I actually won a 5k today (for the females, obviously not the WHOLE thing)!  I think.*  It was the Celiac 5k run/walk in Victoria.  We have done it for the past few years because my 9 year old nephew (the climber!) has Celiac Disease.  It raises a bunch of money ($40,000.00 this year) for Celiac research.  The whole family usually does the walk and/or run, along with my nephew’s family.

So, the final details first:

  • 25:13 (it measured long, 3.31 by my garmin)
  • 1st place female.  (I think).

The rest of the story:

I am not a fan of racing 5ks.  5ks hurt.   Not the hurt-everywhere-on-the-body marathon kind of hurt.  But in the lungs.  Which is not fun.  Even though they are shorter, 5ks (racing) seem so much harder to me than marathons!

Anyway, there was so much activity before the race (game and food booths; a Governor Dayton sighting; talking with my nephew and his parents), that I lost track of time and before I knew it they were making the 10 minute til race time call and I still had to make a trip to the car to drop off an arm full of stuff (luckily the car was right by the starting line).  So all I had time for was a .40 mile warm up and then we were off!

Of course I went out way too fast.  So did my nephew and Carter, who were right behind me at a 6:15 pace!  I slowed, but a 1/4 mile into it was still at 6:58 pace, which seemed too fast for me.  Slowed more and finally found a comfortable pace at about 7:20.  I was happy to see the first mile marker was just a bit past the garmin registering 1 mile.  I was hopeful that maybe they measured the course right and I could get a PR (in previous years it has measured 3.45, which kills any chance for a PR).

I started putting my sights on runners in front of me and passing them one by one.  But then the 7:20 pace started to feel like a struggle and I found myself settling in behind 3 runners (2 men and 1 woman), single file on the edge of a county road.  I looked down at garmin and saw this mile was at 7:37 pace so far (at the 1.5 mile mark).  I decided that I didn’t want to be at that pace.  Didn’t want to get stuck behind 3 others controlling my pace.  Didn’t want the other woman (who was also wearing a pink hat my same color) to be ahead of me.  So I decided to pass them.  And in doing it, I decided to follow Kara Goucher’s advice that I recalled reading in her new book, which was something to the effect of:  “if you are going to pass someone, do it with attitude and determination and force and leave them in the dust, so that they are demoralized and think there is no way they can catch up to you”  (Definitely not the words she used, but the sentiment).  It worked!  When I passed them I could actually hear their foot steps quickening (not sure which of theirs), but I put on the gas and kept on going, with the speed and breathing as if I had a ton of energy and that they shouldn’t even try to keep up with me.  And they didn’t!  They slowed down.  When I was a respectable distance in front of them, I slowed down too, but still maintained the distance in front of them (for that mile).  Mile 2 started to become a stuggle.  I started hurting in my lungs.  When garmin clicked off mile 2 and the marker was still a long ways in front of me I got momentarily demoralized.  Apparently they hadn’t corrected the overly long 5k course.  A man who passed me commented about the long course.

I very briefly thought about giving up and just taking it easy til the end.  But I didn’t.  What kept me going was the thought of those 3 people I had passed, and how I didn’t want to let them pass me.  Mostly the other pink hat girl.  Because I had started fairly close to the front of the pack, and I’d passed about 4 or 5 females already (including pink hat lady), and I didn’t see any other women in front of me.  The course wound around alot, so i couldn’t see everyone in front, but I thought that there was a chance that I was the first place female.  I thought one of the spectators would have yelled that out though, as I went by, so I wasn’t positive.  Anyway, I decided to continue to give it everything I had and NOT let pink hat girl pass me.   The last mile was the slowest for me because my lungs hurt, but also because there are several hills in the last 1/2 mile (nothing terrible at all, just a terrible place for hills in a 5k).  One of the men that I had passed, passed me.  So did one other guy (not sure he was the same one I had passed).  About a 1/4 mile from the end the course went down a hill on a paved trail, then made a sharp left and continued on the trail.  When I made the left I looked to my left and saw pink hat lady coming down the trail, about 100 yards behind me.  That’s all I needed to motivate me to kick it in and give it everything I had (even up the last hill).  I literally sprinted the last portion of it, crossed the finish line, then heard someone say “You’re first place female – congratulations!”  Pink hat girl game in 2nd.

I still think 5ks suck.

* They didn’t post results there, didn’t have an awards ceremony (even though the site says there would be AG awards) and the results haven’t been on raceberry yet, so I’m still not entirely convinced.  I’ll update with results if I get them!

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