I love this plan!

You know I love this Advanced Grandma’s Training Plan, right?!

Today was a good example of why I loved it.  I have an insanely busy work week and an even crazier personal/life week.  So it was hard for me to want to get out the door and do my workout, because I had so much to do I just wanted to sit on the computer and keep plugging away at work stuffs.  But the speed workout that was on the schedule looked interesting to me.  It was something I’ve never done in marathon training.  2 x 800m, 2 x 1600m, 2x400m, with 400m jog between intervals and sets (but 200m jog between the last short intervals).  Had I been following the same old Pfitz schedule, I know I’d have been even less motivated to get out the door. But this looked sort of fun, so off I went.

Goal pace (just randomly chosen by me, cause it seemed like paces I could handle):

  • 800’s at 6:45 pace
  • 1600m at 7:00 pace
  • 400m at 6:40 pace

The goal pace ended up being too ambitious for most of it (except the short 400m’s – but I think that is because an end was in sight!).  The 800’s seemed to last forever.  And the 1600’s lasted forever, plus some!  This whole workout seemed so so challenging.  And I just felt “off”.  And it was in 50 degrees and full sun, which I am not used to this early in the season.

The results:

  • 800     3:22   (6:44 pace)
  • 800     3:29   (6:59 pace)
  • 1600   7:17   (7:17 pace)
  • 1600   7:24  (7:24 pace)
  • 400     1:36   (6:27 pace)
  • 400     1:39   (6:39 pace)

So, I was feeling like this sucked, because I have a 5k race that I’m doing on Saturday, and I thought I’d be able to do that at about 7:10 pace.  But if I struggled this much on the intervals, that seems too ambitious.  But, then I went back and looked at the Pfitz stuff and my running log and realized that he does have us do mile repeats, in the 2nd to the last week before the marathon.  3 of them.  Last September, before my sort-of BQ, my mile repeat paces were 7:31, 7:47 and 7:42.  So it DOES seem like I’m faster now.  Which leads me back to my beginning point:  I love this training plan!  I love what it’s doing for my morale, my fitness and my paces!

2 thoughts on “I love this plan!

  1. lora

    OMG I’ve had no time to keep up. Your training may feel hard at times, but you are killing it! Can’t wait for you to make Grandma your b*tch!

    Wait — that doesn’t sound right. You know what I mean 😉

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