Well that was a different speed work than I’ve ever done in marathon training.  (Or ever, maybe).  I think my shortest intervals in previous plans has been 600m.

12 x 400m, with 200m recovery jogs between.  Goal to run them at a pace I could be consistent with, so that last intervals were similar to first.

I decided to try to have them be around 6:40 pace, with leeway between 6:35 – 6:45.  Ended up pretty decent.  The first couple felt challenging.   They got harder and harder, more difficult to maintain the pace.  At about the 10th one I wanted to quit and seriously thought about it, figuring that 10 of them would be good enough.  But I forced myself to keep going.

The times, below, look a little odd and inconsistent (between the time and pace) but it’s because the intervals ranged between .24 – .26 depending on when I looked down and pushed garmin lap button (I didn’t do them on the track, just the trail).

The results:

  • 1:38  (6:35)
  • 1:36 (6:27)
  • 1:41 (6:46)
  • 1:40 (6:40)
  • 1:37 (6:32)
  • 1:38 (6:34)
  • 1:40 (6:41)
  • 1:38 (6:36)
  • 1:43 (6:37)
  • 1:40 (6:44)
  • 1:37 (6:47)
  • 1:38 (6:35)

Interesting workout.  I’ll be interested to see the effect this has on my tune up race next week and on the marathon!

5 thoughts on “Whee!

  1. This workout is difficult (in my opinion). You’re thinking “Oh, it’s only 400m!” But do 12 of them with 200m rest = hard core speed session.
    Your paces are awesome. I actually think they look fairly consistent, given you were on the road vs. a track.

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