Top 10 Marathons To Do: Grandma’s and Twin Cities

I know you have all been holding  your breath waiting for marathons #9 and #10 on my Top 10 Marathons To Do list.

Any guesses?  (Hint:  read the title of the blog post!)

Well, since this isn’t a dream marathon list, since it’s a realistic list of the top 10 marathons I want to do in the next 5ish years, I’m gonna just go ahead and throw my 2 favorite marathons on the list, even though I’ve already done them before.  Grandma’s Marathon and Twin Cities Marathon  (And I just want to be done with this Top 10 list already!)

Why are these my two favorite marathons, and why will I likely keep on doing one or the other (or both!)?

  • They are Minnesota marathons, so for me they are relatively easy to do.  Not much travel required (none for TCM, for Grandma’s it’s a couple hour drive, but not bad).
  • Having family in the Twin Cities and on the north shore means that at these two marathons I always have a Runnin-From-The-Law fan club, complete with bright pink signs!
  • Both courses are spectacular.  Twin Cities is beautiful in October and has SUCH fabulous crowd support.  Grandma’s is a relatively easy course, with LOADS of fun afterwards at the post-race festivities.

  • They are sentimental favorites for me.  Twin Cities was my first marathon.  3 years later it was also my (sort of) BQ marathon.  Grandma’s is a sentimental favorite because we usually make a weekend of it – bring the kids up to stay with grandma and grandma and then have them all come out and cheer.
  • And of course, Grandma’s and Twin Cities are on my to do list since I am doing them both this year!

If you haven’t done Grandma’s or Twin Cities yet, I’d strongly recommend them!

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Marathons To Do: Grandma’s and Twin Cities

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  2. I am so excited to both of these this year. I was born and raised in MN, and I grew up in Duluth, so I am beyond stoked to run my hometown race. Twin Cities I’ve heard so many good things about. They’ll be marathons 2 and 3 for me (my first was Chicago last year) and I can’t wait!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

  3. I’ve always wondered, what’s the specific allure of Grandma’s marathon? It’s one of those races that you just hear about all the time and I’ve never really gotten a compelling reason to run it except that … well, it’s Grandma’s! You know, you just have to! Anyway, thanks for the insight — where can I find the other 8 marathons you want to run?

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