Spring Racing (and Grandma’s Week #5 Recap)

Today was a big day for Spring Marathons.  I knew bloggers and others running Big Sur, Eugene, The Pig and New Jersey Marathon.  And it seemed like it wasn’t anyone’s day.  With the exception of one, who got sick and walked off the Pig course at mile 5, these folks didn’t have terrible days.  In fact, they had significant PR’s, decent weather, great support from family/friends.  But didn’t hit the goals they had set out for themselves.  And they were all VERY well trained and ready for it.  This marathoning thing is so touchy.  So many things have to come together to make it a perfect day so goals can be met.   I hope all today’s runners are recovering well, learning from whatever went wrong/not-quite-right today, and figuring out plans for the next marathon!  You all did great, even if it wasn’t exactly what you planned!


Grandma’s Week #5 Recap:

I know I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but this was another fabulous week for me that reaffirmed that I love love love this new training plan!  This was the highest mileage week of the plan so far, with lots of quality mixed in:  the first track work, a tempo, a medium effort (almost MP?) run, and an 18 mile long run.  To make it even more challenging, was the fact that this was a SUCKY weather week in Minnesota, with two of my runs being in pouring rain and cold temps, and today’s long run being in 33 degrees with 25 mph winds (and random snow!  on May Day!).


  • Miles Run: 68.7
  • Pilates: 3 times

Monday: Pilates (abs).  6 miles (8:42 pace).  A good start to the work week!

Tuesday: 10 miles w/ track work (8:41 pace).  Moderate to heavy rain and COLD the whole time.  Winds 18mph with 33 mph windgusts. This was supposed to be the first track workout, but since it was raining I did it on trail instead because it seemed sheltered – til I turned around and then it was into the wind the whole time. Uggg. Bad planning because that was for the mile interval.  Intervals were 400m, 800m, 1200m, 1600m, 1200m, 800m, 400m.  Paces ranged from 6:56 – 7:50.  Disappointed with the times (had hoped to have them all be around 7:00), but given the conditions, I’ll take it!

Wednesday: Pilates (advanced).  8.2 miles (9:01 pace).  Just an easy early morning run.

Thursday:  8.5 miles (8:26 pace) with 4 at tempo (7:56).  The 7:56 tempo pace felt a bit harder than last week.  Maybe because I’m on 2nd high mileage week in a row?  Maybe from being tired from work?

Friday: 10 miles (9:12).  This run was my Afternoon Delight.  🙂

Saturday: Pilates.  8 miles (8:32).  Raining the whole time.  But felt so so so good!  These medium effort runs are my new favorite!

Sunday:  18 mile long run (9:04).  Took lots of will power to just get out the door.  At Carver Park Reserve, slightly hilly in places.   Super super windy and cold and even snow flurries. On May Day! Nuts! Every couple miles when I would turn the corner on the loop I was doing, I would have to go into the wind for 2 straight miles and it was HARD.  BUT, I was really happy with this run. Only stopped to pee once and still kept watch going. Last 5 mile were progression (not by plan, just pushed them and ran by feel): 9:00, 8:56, 8:43, 8:35, 8:31. Not bad considering this topped off a tough 68.7 mile week!

The other thing that I really liked about this week was that I followed the plan exactly as written, in terms of not only mileage/type of run, but in terms of the order of the runs.  Usually I have to juggle things around to fit in to my work/life schedule.  But this week I was able to do them in the scheduled order.  And it was great!  Take a close look at them above – they follow the easy/hard thing that should try to be followed.

Look:  easy-hard-easy-hard-easy-moderate-hard

And it made such a difference.  My legs never felt too tired or beat up.  The easy days felt SO good on the legs.  They were fresh for the hard workouts.  Very cool!

Up this week:  A sort of cut back week on the during-the-week workouts, but then a LONG long run next weekend that will end up making the total weekly mileage be in the mid 60’s again.  Woot!

5 thoughts on “Spring Racing (and Grandma’s Week #5 Recap)

  1. lora

    Awesome training week!
    Yep, that marathon stuff is so touchy. I’m clearly cut out for shorter stuff. Today’s weather was way better for racing than this weekend last year! 😉

  2. omg….68.7 miles????!!!!! that is amazing! jeez, i thought i was cool when i ran 55 mpw 🙂

    and, i’m super impressed that you continue to do pilates at least twice a week with all that running.

  3. You are really nailing this cycle, I love the mileage too!! (and can’t wait to get back there myself) Cannot believe you all are still dealing with snow… ugh.

    Do you have any tune-up races scheduled?

    1. I’m supposed to do a 10k the weekend of may 21-22. But there is a local 5k that the whole family usually does for a charity that same weekend, so I may just do that instead (it usually measures 3.5 miles anyway!)

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