My new favorite kind of run!

Closed April this morning with 249 miles.  That’s 37 hours 33 minutes and 13 seconds of running.  Wheeeee!

I also decided that my new favorite type of run is the “medium effort” run in this plan.  The runs are usually 8 miles in length and they usually follow an easy/recovery day, so my legs are feeling fresh when I do them.  They are supposed to be at “medium effort”, which he describes as a “bit slower than your LT pace”.  I’ve found that for me they end up being between 8:25 – 8:40, so far.   I love these runs because they feel like a decent workout, but don’t feel like a workout.  Ya know what I mean?  My breathing during them has felt pretty controlled.  I actually feel like I could push them a little harder/faster, and be a little closer to medium-hard effort.  But I’ve held back on doing so because then they would be at goal MP (8:18 – 8:23) and I feel like if he had wanted us to make these MP efforts, he would have said so.

8 miles done today at 8:32 pace.

Next week I think I won’t get so caught up in looking at the garmin and will just run it based on feel/effort and see where I’m at.


Has anyone tried the new Nestle Toll House dark chocolate chips?  They are heavenly.  I made cookies an hour ago.  I’m on number 4.  I’m gonna eat one for every mile I ran today.  4 more to go.

One thought on “My new favorite kind of run!

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