I wasn’t selected for the New York City Marathon!  They held the lottery today.  I threw in my name, figuring my chances were slim.  Their rules say if you are not selected for 3 years in a row, that on the 4th year you would automatically be in.  So I figured I would start putting my name in to get the rejections rolling and run it in 2014.

I was a little nervous this morning that I would actually get selected.  Which would have required some major rethinking of the stuff I already have on the agenda for October and November.

Getting rejected was a huge relief.  The marathon gods are with me so far this year!

One thought on “Relief!

  1. lora

    This was my 3rd year getting rejected, so I’m a definite for next year. That would be cool if you got in, too! It’s not 2014, but I’ll cross my fingers for ya 🙂

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