The Good, The Bad and The Rainy

First track workout of the Grandma’s Marathon Advanced Training plan was scheduled for today.  Not ideal when the forecast called for 100% chance of rain and wind all day.  Uggggg!  Delay it til tomorrow?  Nope – tomorrow’s forecast calls for rain and snow.  Uggggg!  Plus, delaying it til later this week would stack an interval workout, tempo, medium effort and long run together, which didn’t sound too smart.  So I just decided to get track workout done today.

On tap:  10 miles, with ladder intervals 400m-800m-1200m-1600m-1200m-800m-400m, with 400m jog between intervals.  It didn’t say what pace to do.  From previous experience with intervals in Pfitz’ plan, I decided 5k pace.  Since I haven’t run a 5k for awhile, I decided to just go with what I’d LIKE my 5k pace to be (and it’s actually what I think I could run, on a good day).  So the goal was to have the intervals be around 7:00 minute mile pace.

The Good

  • I finished it!  Feels great to get one of the quality workouts done this early in the week.
  • It felt pretty good, given the conditions (see below)

The Bad

  • My paces were off of my goal of 7:00.  Not sure how much of it was due to overly ambitious hopes about the pace, and how much was due to the crappy conditions.  Paces:  400 (6:58), 800 (6:57), 1200 (7:11), 1600 (7:50), 1200 (7:38), 800 (7:45), 400 (7:09).
  • I didn’t plan right.  When it came time to do the mile interval, I was also at the end of the trail and needed to turn around INTO the wind.  For the whole mile.  Uggggg!
  • I didn’t do it on a track.  I did it on a trail instead.  This isn’t necessarily bad.  I was just hoping to use today’s first scheduled track workout to get over my fear/intimidation of the track.

The Ugly Rainy

  • It rained the entire time.  Moderate to heavy rain.
  • It was windy.  18 mph winds with 33 mph wind gusts.  33mph gusts nearly, literally, knocked this 120 pound girl to the ground!
  • My clothes (pants, long sleeve shirt, rain jacket) were literally DRENCHED and must have added 5 pounds to me, making the workout that much harder.

So there you have it.  Track workout #1.  Next week’s gotta be better, right?!

4 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad and The Rainy

    1. I don’t know – they intimidate me. I feel like people will be watching and I’ll look like a creeper, an (almost) 40 year old running around a highschool track! Silly, I know.

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