The kids spent a big chunk of time on Easter hanging from, and climbing, this tree.  When I saw my almost 9 year old nephew doing pull ups, I figured I’d give it a try.

Holy crap I’m weak!  Or maybe it’s because my body is chock full of Easter treats, so I’m too heavy to pull up?

I was sort of able to do 1/2 a pull up, but this was with a jump up.  Ugggg.

Probably time to mix in some upper body strength training too, huh?  Anyone have quick easy ideas??

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9 Responses to Weak!

  1. hilary says:

    Funny! Ill be sure to show this to G. I’m glad I didn’t try or you’d be making fun of me too!

    • you were dressed to fancy to be doing pull ups!

      I’m gonna try to get strong and by June birthday weekend I’ll tackle that tree again and hopefully be able to do some pull ups. Tell MT and G that they better be ready for a pull up challenge!

  2. Theia says:

    Ha! Don’t overdo it like I did two weeks ago!


    Seriously, if you want to get stronger for chin-ups, try doing negatives. Use a stepstool to get up to the top (with your chin over the bar, er, branch), and slowly lower yourself down. Get some help to get up again, and repeat.

    • Funny. I’ve always liked that machine cause it seems like it does the hard work for me.

      I’ll try the negative thing. Now I just need to recruit someone to help hoist me back up!

  3. Kristy says:

    I want to try BodyPump…a very popular workout in the blog world.

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