4 pairs of new shoes!

Yes, you are looking at FOUR pairs of brand new shoes there!  Woot!

Husband:  If you are reading this blog don’t start getting thoughts about cutting up my credit card just yet.   I’m not going THAT crazy with the running stuff.  Only 2 of the shoes are mine (the jumbo ones).  The other two are for Meghan (the cute smaller ones, which include a pair of track/cc spikes).

And yes, I did just buy new shoes a few weeks ago.  But with the kind of mileage I’m running, I figure that they need to be converted to lawn mowing/kicking-around the house shoes after 6 weeks (which would be about 350 miles, which has been about the most I can get out of the Adidas Adistar Solutions before they start to make my shins hurt).

Since the Adistar Solutions are being discontinued, I picked up one more pair (Husband, take note:  I got them at clearance price!).  But I also had them fit me for a new kind, so that I can start getting used to something new now, instead of the week before Grandma’s or something.

The Shoe Whisperer wasn’t available (each time I need new shoes I’ve been paying $30 to have this AMAZING WOMAN do a gait analysis to figure out what shoe is best; she diagnosed my Morton’s Toe, aka the Big Ugly Second Toe which screws up running form, which had been making the bottom fore front of my foot ache for years.  It’s been cured because I use an insert that gives my Big Ugly Second Toe the right lift and pushes it in the right direction.  She is a miracle worker and I love that woman!).

Since she wasn’t available, just a normal worker at the running store helped me.  He was nice enough (and patient with my daughter!) but didn’t seem near as helpful and knowledgeable as The Shoe Whisperer.  He had me try on several that were apparently comparable to the Adistar Solution (which actually has been giving my blister problems now during my last two pair).  I ended up with a pair of the Saucony Triumph 8.

I actually think they are ugly.  All those holes in the fabric make them hideous looking.  But, as I told my 13 year old before we got to the store, you have to go on feel/fit, you can’t buy them just because they are cute or you’ll end up injured.  (She was super happy that the ones they ended up recommending for her, and that fit well, also happened to be cute.  Lucky!)

I have never run in Saucony.  I’m a bit nervous to try them out.  I’ll alternate them with my existing pair of Adistar Solutions and hopefully won’t develop any problems.  I’m not gonna try them today though, since I have hill repeats on tap.  I’d rather wait for “normal” running to give them a try.  Cause I always feel like shit during hill repeats 🙂 , so I want to give the shoes a fair chance!

Anyone use the Saucony Triumphs?

Stay tuned for a full report on the new shoes after I give them a whirl.

4 thoughts on “4 pairs of new shoes!

  1. lora

    I’ve run in the Triumphs, but not for the past several generations of them. I wore them when I had custom orthotics. I’ve never worn the Adidas ones, so I can’t compare. I liked the Triumphs, but they’ve changed since I wore them. However, I now alternate my Brooks shoes with the mild stability shoe from Saucony — the Guide — and have had luck with those.

  2. I can’t wear Sauconys. They come up too far on the inner ankle and rub the wrong way. I hope they work out for you though – I have always liked the cushioning in them when I try them on.

  3. Celia

    I LOVE Sauconys!! I’ve only worn them and Brooks for the past couple of years. The Triumph is one of their best neutral shoes and I’ve worn my pair out at this point. I need to get some more, they’re relatively long lasting and the cushion is awesome for your high mileage. If you find that you no longer need the Shoe Whisperer, you should check out http://www.runningwarehouse.com. They always have the lowest prices on shoes and awesome closeouts when the new models come out (I think in the Spring, and one reason that I’m holding out on my next Triumphs). I’m preparing for the TC Marathon and found your blog through a little search on the marathon. It will be my 6th marathon and I also have a BQ goal!! I have to get 3:40, 14 minutes faster than my best. So, it’s do-able, it’ll just take lots of training!…and for me to do it in the next couple of years as they’re lowering their qual times in 2013 I believe. I use the “FIRST” training plan found in the book “Run Less, Run Faster.” It’s a plan designed for working professionals, so if you ever want to check out a new plan, I’d highly recommend it!

    1. Hi Celia!

      I think the Triumphs are ok so far. For a minute there I thought you were a Saucony rep/spammer you were talking them up so much!

      Someone who follows my blog – Kristy from runthelongroad.com – used the FIRST plan for NJ marathon and did very well with it.

      3:40 will be the time I’m aiming for at TC Marathon too!

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