Top 10 Marathon To-Do List: New York City Marathon

Marathon #7 on my To 10 Marathons To-Do List is New York City Marathon!

It’s probably cliche to put this one on my list, but really, it sounds like such an incredible experience that I’m gonna for sure do it.  I’ve only been to New York City once and I LOVED it.  So exciting and so much to do.  It would be so fun to run through all the boroughs and end up in Central Park and see the sites from a completely different perspective.  Plus, I’d see Maria since she lives in New York!

The race itself would be crazy, like nothing I’ve experienced, with 45,000 runners!  The logistics of putting that together are mind boggling for me.  The crowd, combined with the bridge elevations, could make it a challenging course.  At least the main climb is right off the bat instead of later in the course when I’ll be so tired!  Sounds like a challenge that would be well worth it for this experience.

It’s in the first week of November, which is a pretty decent time for a race, in my opinion.  Seems like weather should be all but guaranteed to be decent at that time of year.  And the training time would be good because a big chunk of it would be through September and October, which would be decent training conditions here in Minnesota.

The biggest problem?  Getting in.  They have a mix of ways that you can get in the marathon, including qualifying (but you need to be SPEEDY with a 3:23 marathon or 1:37 HM for my age, which won’t be happening with this girl anytime soon), being a member of NYRR and racing a certain number of races and volunteering (which won’t be happening with me, since I don’t live in NY), applying 3 years in a row and being denied entry, or lottery (which sounds like only a very small number of spots are then open to even be in the lottery).

So, with those options on getting in, my best bet is to apply (for the lottery) and be denied entry 3 years in a row, so that I’m guaranteed entry the next year.   For 2011, the application deadline is TODAY, April 19, 2011 at 11:59 p.m.  Which would mean that if I  apply in 2011, 2012, 2013 and get denied in all those years, I am guaranteed entry for 2014.  I’m a planner.  I know I’m gonna want to run this one in the next few years.  So guess what I just applied for?!!!

Wouldn’t it be crazy dumb luck if I actually am one of those selected in the lottery for it this year??  I don’t even WANT to run it this year – since I have TCM scheduled for Oct 2nd and, more importantly, a trip to wine country planned for mid-October!  So keep your fingers crossed for me that I don’t get in to New York Marathon this year!

Who’s in for NYCM for 2014?  Hurry up and apply today!

2 thoughts on “Top 10 Marathon To-Do List: New York City Marathon

  1. NYC is definitely a race to do once and that’s it. It wasn’t my favorite marathon and I know that’s blasphemousness to some people! It can be a bit of a logistical nightmare, unless you live in NYC. But you can’t beat the crowd support. It’s unbelievable!

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