Top 10 Marathons To-Do: Stillwater Marathon

Marathon #5 on my Top 10 Marathons T0-Do is the Stillwater Marathon.

I know what most of you are thinking.  Where’s Stillwater?  It’s in Minnesota.  A suburb of the Twin Cities.  It’s another fairly new Minnesota marathon.  (This is its 3rd year).  Like the Minneapolis Marathon, it’s on my to-do list because of the convenience factor.  It would be about an hour drive for me.  Very convenient, easy and cheap!  Plus, I would like to say I’ve done most of the major Minnesota marathons.

This one has hills though.  Lots of them, based on the comments.  After the evil downhill at mile 17 of Little Rock, I figure they just can’t be too bad. What I am not crazy about is the timing of the race.  It’s over Memorial Day weekend.  We usually like to go to our cabin over Memorial Day weekend, so I’d have to ok it with The Family if I end up doing this one.

I LOVE the Stillwater area.  I grew up over towards there (Dellwood), so it’s definitely one that I want to do.

Anyone know anything about it?

4 thoughts on “Top 10 Marathons To-Do: Stillwater Marathon

  1. Kent

    I stumbled on your site and I like your Top 10 list. I’ve run Stillwater the past two years and yes the hills are tough. Last year I finished at 4:11 and ran TCM 3:20 four months later (Stillwater was hot and I trained much better over the summer). Living in Stillwater I’m very biased but it’s a nice race and a great reason to stay in shape over the winter. Thanks for all of the great posts and good luck on the Boston goal.

    1. Wow! That is a huge improvement in time. Makes me really nervous to try Stillwater! I’m thinking of trying the 20 mile this year if my schedule requires a 20 miler that weekend and we are in town. What other marathons have you run?

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  3. Paul Sommer

    Hello greetings from the Garden State.I just did this Marathon this may in 2011.It is a small well run race with the things I hope for in a race,well organized,good and plentiful water stops,chip timing,fast results,and tech shirts.I really lucked out with the weather it was overcast and cool.The volunteers were very good.Yes there are some tough hills but the good news the last six are downhill.Also for the first time as I started to fade I hooked up with a pacer for the last 7 miles this was a great help.I was able to have a BQ and finish 3rd in age group.There is a shuttle from Stillwater High School that works well.Also I like to collect medals and this was a nice medal.One downside there was no award ceremony.Overall its a good race and with the right weather you can run a good race here.

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