Randomness & Grandma’s Training, Week #3

My body is not made for a night of drinking and staying up late a night on the town.  I had a BLAST, but man am I dragging today.  Thank goodness there was no headache, but I am so so tired.  Rather than napping, I forced myself to get out for a recovery run.  I’m surprised how sore I am from yesterday’s half marathon effort.   Or maybe it’s from wearing heels for 8 hours last night.


I am SO excited about Boston tomorrow.  I can’t imagine how crazy excited I’ll be if when I’m actually there to run it myself.  I’m really rooting for Kara to win the women’s race – it would be so cool for her to make her comeback after having her baby in September to be a victory at Boston!  It’s been super exciting reading blogs like Aron and Emily – who just ooze excitement about everything Boston.  I’m planning on being glued to my computer all morning tomorrow watching the elite races and tracking peeps.

Go Jen Go!


Grandma’s Week #3 recap

  • Miles Run: 51.6
  • Pilates: 1 time

Monday: 7 easy (9:24).  Ran in the afternoon, which never seems like a real workout to me for some reason.

Tuesday: 10 miles (9:11) with 10 x 400m hill repeats mixed in. Definitely felt harder to do longer hill and more repeats this week.  Did the first 8 in a row, then did the last 2 randomly within the last 3 cool down miles.  Paces were slower than last week, which makes sense since the hill was longer.  (7:35, 7:43, 7:32, 7:40, 8:00, 8:01,8:27, 8:31, 7:23, 8:30).  The later ones of the 8 in a row were alot slower because I felt like quitting, but I told myself don’t worry about pace, just get up the hills.  Ugggg.

Wednesday: 10 miles (8:42).  It was supposed to be at easy pace.  I felt good, so ended up doing it at medium effort.

Thursday:  complete rest day!

Friday: 5.1 miles (9:27)

Saturday: 13.25 (8:24).  Earth Day Half Marathon.  Supposed to race it, but held back because of the weather.

Sunday: 6 miles recovery (9:35).  Legs felt sore from yesterday.  Felt good to get out there after a night of craziness!

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