Today’s Numbers: 13.1, 17 and 33, 15

13.1 miles

13.1 miles run for the Earth Day Half Marathon (technically, garmin said 13.25).  I was “supposed” to race it, according to my Grandma’s Advanced marathon training plan.  With the crappy weather conditions (see below), I wasn’t up for that, so just did it as a hard training run.  I haven’t seen official results, and I started my garmin a bit early, so I’m not positive but I think I ended up with 1:51:00.  I was satisfied with it.  My breathing felt controlled the whole time.  I never felt like I was really pushing it too hard (like racing).  And I didn’t have any major issues (the right hammy was a bit tight, but not horrible).

17 mph wind and 33 degrees

Those were the race conditions.  On April 16th!  C’mon, Mother Nature.  Enough of the world’s longest coldest winter already!

15 years

I’m going to my 15 year law school reunion (University of Minnesota) tonight.  Yikes!  I can’t believe I’ve been at this lawyering stuff for 15 years already!  Best part about the night is we have an overnight sitter, so after the requisite small talk at the reunion, I’m ditching it and The Husband and I are going out (and staying overnight!) downtown.  Woot!

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s numbers, which will feature how many beers I consumed tonight and the pain rating for my headache that I’ll be guaranteed to have!

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