Seriously, Minnesota?

30 degrees.  Snow showers.  Winds NNW 23 MPH.

I’m guessing I won’t be setting a PR at the Earth Day Half Marathon tomorrow.

I have had it up to HERE with Minnesota this year.  It’s mid-April!  The weather tomorrow is gonna rival the Frozen Half that was in January!  Hopefully this one is correctly measured at least!

My pre-race carb loading:

Ice cream, cookies, berries and Beer.  Classy!

Since it’s not gonna be a record setting race, and likely will just be a tough training run, I’ll risk it with the ice cream!  🙂

One thought on “Seriously, Minnesota?

  1. my god that sucks! see what happens weather-wise at the start and don’t overexert yourself if it’s too windy. a hard training run is still very beneficial. good luck!

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