Top 10 Marathons To-Do List: Omaha Marathon (seriously)

The #2 marathon on Cindi’s Top 10 Marathons To-Do List** is the Omaha Marathon.

I know what you are thinking.  Seriously?  The first marathon on your to-do list that you blogged about was the incredible, scenic, spectacular Big Sur Marathon, and then you tell us you want to run a marathon in Nebraska?!?

Yes.  I do!

Why?  I went to college in Omaha.  Ages ago!  I spent 4 of the best years of my life in Omaha, attending Creighton University.  Mom, skip over this next sentence:  Omaha is where I went to my first college party and drank way too much (while I was in high school, with a friend, visiting her cousin who went to Creighton.  So fun!).  Omaha is where I met my best friend, who is now my husband.  Omaha is where I first decided that I DIDN’T want to be an accountant (my major) and that I actually did want to be a lawyer (like my dad).  Omaha is home of Big Fred’s Pizza (which I totally plan on pigging out on after I run the Omaha marathon!).   Omaha was my stomping ground for 4 years.  I haven’t been back there since 1996, when I went back for a friend’s wedding.  It’s been too long.  What better excuse to go back than to run a marathon?
The Omaha Marathon is held in late September.  I haven’t done it yet because it’s always the week before Twin Cities, and I love Twin Cities!  But one of these years (maybe next year?!) I’d like to road trip to Omaha for the marathon.   It looks like it is a fairly small marathon (around 600 finishers last year).  It also probably isn’t terribly exciting to most people, in terms of scenery and landmarks.  And, it’s apparently got lots of rolling hills in the first half.  Even though these things may deter many people, for me, it would be fun to run 26.2 miles around my old stomping grounds.

Who’s in with me?

** Again, we’re not talking dream marathons here.  We’re talking ones I really would like to get to within the next 5 years or so, money and time and health permitting.

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