Cindi Time!

The husband having class tonight + the kids both getting invited to sleepovers unexpectedly (no school tomorrow) = CINDI TIME!

So what did I do with this unexpected time to myself?  My favorite things, of course!


I tested out the new shoes (even though it supposed to be a rest day from running, when I found this bonus free time AND it was 60 degrees after work, I couldn’t resist!)

New shoes (and yes, that is grass you see!)


I zipped into Lillian’s and got a super fun spring/easter egg colored shoulder bag that has a bonus purse and bonus bonus tiny wristlet in it!  I’m a sucker for bags with hidden bags in them.

Big easter egg colored shoulder bag

Bonus purse that snaps into the big bag so I can store even more of my crap!

Cute little wristlet that hooks onto shoulder bag!

All the goods!


Yes, that is pepperoni, sausage AND bacon that you see on this bad boy!

Cindi time doesn’t get much better than this, folks!

7 thoughts on “Cindi Time!

  1. We may be the same person. Pizza and beer (LOVE), running (of course, BIG LOVE), and bag shopping (HUGE LOVE)! I love shopping for bags more than anything! Cindi time sounds fun!

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