Who Do You Stalk?

I’m in need of some new blogs to stalk read.  Comment and tell me who your favorite bloggers are and why.  It’s a given that my blog is your favorite, so you don’t have to bother listing it.

I’ll give you a few of my current favorites, in case you are looking for new blogs to follow  (and don’t be all mad if I didn’t list you – there are too many good ones to list here!).

Run the Long Road – Kristy’s blog.  It’s one of my current favorites for a couple reasons.  One, she’s doing an interesting training plan for her 8th marathon.  It’s a method that doesn’t have very high mileage (maybe 40 miles a week tops), but instead has lots of quality runs.  She does a tempo, speedwork and long run every week.   Two, she updates it regularly with non-running stuff too – photos of her super interesting travels and cute dog, Hawk.

Hungry Runner Girl – Janae’s blog.  You probably all follow her already.   She is SUPER CUTE, sort of weird, eats alot and runs faster than I could ever hope to run.  What’s not to like?

Runners Rambles – Aron’s blog.  She is training for Boston and is a super dedicated, awesome runner.  Very inspiring!  I love following people who are training for Boston because I hope to someday be in their shoes!

So tell me some other runner blogs to stalk!

4 thoughts on “Who Do You Stalk?

  1. Thanks Cindi!!! Of course, you are my favorite because you are speedy, drop f-bombs, and drink beer!

    I love Janae and Aron’s blogs too. Another favorite is http://www.susanruns.com/. Susan runs ridiculously fast. Her average pace for the marathon is hard for me to sustain for a speed workout!

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