Kicking off Grandma’s training

I had originally thought I’d do 3 weeks of recovery from Little Rock Marathon, then jump into an 18 week Grandma’s training plan at week 7.  But during my vacation I decided I wanted to get right back into a routine of training, so I figured I’d jump into the Advanced Grandma’s Training Plan this week, at week 6 (but modify it to be about 45 miles this week).  Ummm, no.  Didn’t happen.  Between the weather, an ultra busy work week, a sick kid and a travel day on Monday, my plan to start Grandma’s training off on a good foot this week didn’t exactly work out.  It’s all good though.  I probably needed another week of recovery and it probably IS better to ramp up slowly.

The plan that I’m going to follow this time is completely different than anything I’ve ever done (low heart rate, Daniels and Pfitz).  It’s prepared specifically for Grandma’s by Dick Beardsley, and available on Grandma’s website.  I feel like I needed something new/fresh.  The mileage is a tiny bit more ambitious (peak at 71 miles, with about 4 weeks in the mid/high 60’s).  But there is definitely more quality, with tempos, hills and/or track work every week.  The mid-week medium long runs aren’t as long, which will actually help out since I need to work!  If the mileage or quality feels too tough, I’ll back off.  I also will ease into it (since next week is a high mileage week and I’m still ramping back up, I’ll cut a couple runs short and/or take a rest day).

When I post my recaps this time around, I’ll list what was scheduled and what I actually ran.

Recap of Week #1 of Grandma’s Training, Week #3 of Little Rock Recovery:

Monday:  6 miles. Rest/Travel Day.

Tuesday: 8 miles w/ hill repeats 5 miles (8:43 pace). In pouring rain, so I cut it short and didn’t do hill repeats.  I was just happy to get a run in, after 5 days of eating and drinking like a pig, and limited exercise.  Felt so good, and I was surprised by the pace feeling so easy.

Wednesday:  6 miles.  pilates (advanced). Uggggg.  A crazy late-March blizzard completely interfered with my running before work, then a crazy work day left me without time to sneak over to the gym to hit the treadmill.  At least I got pilates done.  I feel so much better when I do something.

Thursday:  6 miles w/ 20 minute tempo.  (8:15; Tempo pace was 7:56ish).  And Pilates (abs). Woot!  Got the scheduled run done.  I had to wait til after work and at that point I wasn’t sure I’d feel up to even a couple miles, but the run felt great.   The only sucky thing was that I wore an old pair of running shoes that should have been tossed long ago.  When I was putting them on I even thought to myself, “I probably shouldn’t be wearing these – I think they hurt my right foot and shin last time.”  Sure enough, within 15 minutes of stopping my run, my right foot (on top) and right shin hurt.  Continued hurting all night and into the morning.

Friday:  8-10 miles.  Pilates (advanced). Decided not to run because of my hurting foot/shin.  Tossed those evil shoes in the garbage!

Saturday:  8 miles medium effort. 8 miles at easy pace (9:24). Pilates (abs). Had hoped to go a bit faster, but it was super windy and cold and my right hamstring was a little tight, so took it easy.

Sunday:  15 mile long run. 12.6 miles (9:28).  Pilates (advanced). Uggggg.  So frustrating.  Had to cut long run short because of major GI issues.  I was tired too.  Amazing how 12 miles can feel SO long after taking some time off. 

I am happy to report that my eating (only 1 treat a day!) and drinking (no alcohol!) has been going great.  I didn’t even have ANY treats until Friday (when I made up for it with a choc chip cookie the size of a salad plate) and I haven’t had any beer or wine.  2 more weeks!

Ok, this week I really am kicking off 12 weeks of training for Grandma’s!  Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Kicking off Grandma’s training

  1. You should think about logging your food for a few weeks and try to figure out what’s causing your GI issues. It might be easy to pinpoint! Lactose, gluten, soy, processed stuff or whatever…just a thought. I bet a pattern evolves.

    Yay for Grandma’s training!!!!!!!!

  2. I think it’s good you took another recovery week. I took 3 weeks between my 2 marathons last year and it seemed to be sufficient.

    The training plan looks good…high volume with quality workouts. Gotta love lots of tempo runs.

  3. lora

    That’s cool that you’re following a race-specific training plan. It’ll be interesting to see your thoughts on it after the race!

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