Running: The New Tylenol

First, some random vacation photos:

Ice Cream and Beer!

Me and The Hubby!

Me – the Mini Golf Queen!

My day was filled with work craziness (3 court appearances in 2 different counties), which meant I didn’t have time for my morning run (and weather prevented me from running yesterday) and I didn’t eat or drink enough.  Which left me with a MASSIVE throbbing headache by the end of the day.  The last thing I felt like doing was running.  But I was feeling disappointed that I had missed running yesterday.   And I needed to change out of my work stuff and shower anyway, so I figured I might as well put on the running gear and go just a mile and turn around if the pounding on the head was horrible.  I swear that the second I started pulling my running pants on, my head stopped throbbing and I felt better.  Before I even took one step out of my closet!  I ended up with a fabulous feeling 6 miles, with a 20 minute tempo in the middle (about 7:56ish pace).  So next time you have a headache, skip the tylenol and try running instead!

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