What’s your normal?

I try to be “smart” after a marathon and take at least a week off of running, in order to repair, recover and reboot before the next training cycle.  So I’ve been trying to sleep in (til 4:55! Woot!).  I’ve been drinking a couple beers at night and not worrying about whether it will affect my run in the morning.  I’ve been fitting in low key exercise (biking at the gym) if my work/life schedule allows, but not been stressing if I can’t fit it in.

As I was driving home today, it struck me that what I’ve been doing this week is “normal” for most of my friends and family, and probably most of America (probably NOT normal for any of my blog followers, who are also avid runners/exercisers).   Most people just do 30-45 minutes of cardio or pilates a few times a week.  Or maybe go a whole week without exercise.  And that’s normal.  For them.

Me?  I can’t wait til next week so I can have my normal back.  I need my 4:15 runs.  I need my 50 mile weeks.  I need the daily high that I get from running.  I need my normal back.

One thought on “What’s your normal?

  1. Lora

    My normal absolutely, without a doubt, involves some sort of exercise every day. It’s abnormal for me to not do something to sweat each day 🙂

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