Little Rock, Here I Come!

Update: Just received email that LR Marathon IS offering supposed real time tracking on  Not sure how up to date it will really be.  But if you are curious, you can apparently follow me there.

5 easy miles this morning and everything feels good, including the right shin.  Whew.  I am SO ready for Little Rock Marathon!  I’m all packed and I leave ultra early tomorrow.  Weather is looking awesome:  38 at start, 50 at finish, partly sunny.  For those interested in tracking, I think it will be on onlineraceresults.  I’m lucky number 304.   You can also follow me on twitter (not during the race!): @mattlegal

Fun stuff!

3 thoughts on “Little Rock, Here I Come!

  1. Best of luck!!!

    That weather looks PERFECT! You are set to have an awesome race! Stay mentally positive, even during those tough patches, and you’ll grab yourself a massive PR!

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