Starting out slow!

“Most mistakes in a race are made in the first two minutes, perhaps in the very first minute.” – Jack Daniels

Saw this quote on Twitter by @RunningQuotes yesterday and liked it.  Not sure if it holds true for a marathon, or just shorter races.  But it seemed fitting and served as a good reminder for me in light of my workout yesterday.  It was my “dress rehearsal” that Pfitz’ plan calls for (except it was way too cold here for me to dress in the super cute black/pink/green shorts that I will wear in Arkansas).  It was supposed to be 7 miles with 2 at marathon pace.  I decided to also add in a 1/4 mile at 5k pace because I had heard of some people doing a similar workout pre-marathon, with the idea that after a short interval of 5k pace, marathon pace will feel really easy.  With both the tempo and MP portions of my workout, I had a really hard time finding the correct pace.  My legs (and lungs) wanted to go faster than they “should” have .  So ended up with the 1/4 mile tempo being at 7:06 pace and the MP miles at 8:06 and 8:18 pace.  But during each of those segments, at the beginning and then randomly throughout, I was going WAY too fast.  Which is why Daniels’ quote seemed fitting:  I have to make sure not to start out too fast.  Goal pace is about 8:23.   I’ll try to do first mile at pace, or even slower.

Something else is also going on that I had hoped was in my imagination and just from taper madness.  But it’s not.  The outside edge of my right shin is funky and has been since Monday.  Not painful, but not normal.  Tweaked, I would say.  I’ve been foam rolling it since Monday and then this morning started icing it.  I can tell something is off with it because when I foam roll my right leg, it hurts to use the foam roller, but when I foam roll the left leg I can do the whole leg without it hurting at all.  It didn’t hurt at all when I ran yesterday, and wasn’t worse after I ran, so I think things will be fine.  I’m mostly just mentioning it here so I have a record of it when I go back to look through my notes/blog re: this marathon.  I was planning on running 6 recovery paced miles today but will probably do some biking instead.  At this point 6 miles isn’t going to help and I think biking will be easier on whatever is going on with the shin.

5 thoughts on “Starting out slow!

  1. Jack Daniels is very wise and very right! I’ve made that mistake many times during a marathon and paid for it big time at the end.

    Definitely bike rather than run today. And don’t think about your shin!

  2. Lora

    Smart, smart, smart.
    Smart to start slow, smart to pay attention to tweaks but not let them freak you out, smart to bike instead today.
    Stay smart this weekend, and you’ll be celebrating big success 🙂

  3. Whew, just caught up on your blog and a million others I read and wanted to let you know that I’m cheering for you the whole way this weekend! Have your plan in place and reactions prepared for the inevitables that occur during the race and you’ll be WONDERFUL!! Fleet feet and safe travels!

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