Little Rock Marathon Training Recap

The training plan: Pfitz 12 week/55 mile max, modified to add an extra easy run or two each week and to switch one of the easy runs to a hill workout of some sort.  Oh – and I miscounted the weeks, so I actually did 13 weeks of training!  I think I did a good job of meeting the goals I set for myself.

The extras: weights; pilates; biking (stationary) for cross training

The good: I feel really happy that I got in a solid training cycle, with all the extras added in, during our ultra cold and ultra snowy Minnesota winter.

The bad: The ultra cold and ultra snowy Minnesota winter interfered with some of the scheduled speed workouts and medium-long runs, so I had to improvise.  Hopefully the changes I made were sufficient for me to meet my race goals.

The thing I’m happiest with: My hill work.  I feel strong and aerobically ready to tackle the hills.  My form on hills has improved, as have my paces.

The food and drinks:  Despite my posts about the world’s biggest brownie, cake, cookies, cheetos and beer (oh, and let’s not forget the delicious sprinkle covered long john), I had a good 13 weeks of eating and (not) drinking (particularly when you consider my training was over the holiday season!).  It’s just not that exciting to do a blog entry on how I drank lots of water, took my vitamins, ate my oatmeal, ate lots of carrots, etc.  With the exception of New Years Eve and my friend’s 40th birthday 5 weeks ago, I limited myself to just a drink or two at a time.  (And on those two times I did drink more than a few, I hydrated with lots of water and wasn’t CRAZY!)

The goals: I feel like I am in shape for sub 3:40 and that I can do it, even with the Little Rock hills.  But, as always, my other goal is to have fun and finish strong.

The details, for you number geeks:

  • 588.5 miles of running in 13 weeks
  • Highest mileage week was 61.6 miles
  • Lots of pilates, weights and biking
  • Long Runs: 1 – 21 miler; 2 – 20 milers; 1- 17 miler; 2 – 16 milers; 2 – 15 milers
  • Marathon pace runs: 8 miles, 10 miles; 7 miles
  • Tempo runs:  pace typically 7:45 – 8:00 (some were hilly)
  • Intervals:  paces between 6:55  – 7:25 (some were hilly)
  • Hill workouts: at least one “workout” a week on the TM or repeats, plus typically at least one (or more) of the weekly runs were on hilly routes (including all of my long runs)
  • Races:  World’s Shortest Half Marathon, at 7:59 pace

Bring on Little Rock!

6 thoughts on “Little Rock Marathon Training Recap

  1. You are ready! All that hill work is going to come in handy. I used Pfitz’s plan for my last marathon and PR’d (I modified it a lot too – got a little burned out and never made it to 55 miles).

    Have you started stalking the 10-day forecast to see what the weather is going to be like 😉

    1. Of course I’ve been checking the weather. Daily! It keeps changing, and depends on where I look. But right now it looks PERFECT, with start temp of low 40’s and finish mid-high 50’s, with partly cloudy. Then warming up a bit for post race fun! But I know it’s too early to rely on that. It’s showing rain on Saturday, hoping that moves through before or after the marathon.

  2. Lora

    So excited for you!

    I’m curious to see how you feel the shorter training cycle pans out for you. I definitely feel like I need to do something shorter the next time I prep for a marathon. You’ve done awesome work — especially with the depths of winter through most of it! Kick butt next weekend!

    1. Lora – I did the shorter training cycle (12 weeks, same thing Pfitz 12/55) for Twin Cities 2010 and it worked out well for me. I think the longer ones make me peak too early, get burnt out, and/or stress (too long to focus on 1 race, then I put too much pressure/stress on it).

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