Back off, sickos!

ATTENTION everyone with runny noses, coughs, sneezes, watery eyes and general sickos:

Back off.  Do not try to approach me and shake my hand, even if you are a client, business associate or someone else important.**  Do not breathe on me, or even near me.  Actually, don’t even look my way.  I have a marathon to run next week and all your sick germs are starting to freak me out.

Please.  And thank you.

** Please forgive me in advance, Pastor, for sneaking out the side door of church on Sunday so that I can avoid shaking your hand (after 200 other people have shaken it before me; Nope; Not happening this Sunday!)

3 thoughts on “Back off, sickos!

  1. OMG, I’m stupid sick right now 😦 Stuff has been floating around I finally caught it, last week wore me down too much, I guess.

    I’ll stay down here for a while, don’t worry! I always freak out before a marathon when I see sick people, it takes me sooooo long to shop at the market because if I hear someone cough I turn and go the other way and find a different isle.


    I am seriously considering drilling into my sinuses with a pair of scissors.

    1. Ahhhhh. Don’t breathe your sick germs through the internet to my blog and to me! Back off!

      That is so funny. I can totally picture you in the grocery store running away from people that look sick! I was so freaked out yesterday, having to shake a sweaty sicky looking guy’s hand at court, then at a dinner I was at last night a lady next to me shook my hand when I sat down and then I swear during the whole dinner she kept coughing, a wet sounding cough, RIGHT INTO HER RIGHT HAND! The one I shook earlier. I was super irritated. Next marathon I am blocking off my work calendar for the 2 weeks before the race and not scheduling any appointments or court or dinners. 🙂

      Get better! At least it’s now and not right before Boston.

  2. Sounds like me! I practically wear gloves 24/7 two weeks before the marathon. Getting sick would be the absolute worst! Make sure that anti-bacterial soap is nearby…

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