Taper diet!

It’s hard for me to control my diet and drinking during taper.  I feel so FREE since I don’t need to get up at 4:xx to squeeze in crazy high mileage workouts before work.  So I feel like I can allow myself beers, which leads to crappy eating.  I still am WAY better than I used to be in my younger, crazier years.  Now I just hate being hung over so much that I usually only have a few anyway.  Still, I feel like I should be better about my eating and drinking during taper.  But then I remind myself that I’m not an elite, or even semi-elite, or even super-speedy runner.  For me, living is more important than running.  So I’m gonna allow myself cheetos and beer during taper.  And if it means a few seconds or minutes off my marathon finish time, so be it!

4 thoughts on “Taper diet!

  1. “And if it means a few seconds or minutes off my marathon finish time, so be it!”

    Don’t be mad, at all, if you miss Boston by a tiny bit, then! 🙂 Boston is epic, it’s worth it!!

    I understand your thinking, but a couple of weeks of “less” is a small lifestyle change for a great race after several hard months of training for that 3 1/2 window of race time. I don’t mind the taper too much, but I’m paranoid the whole time about getting sick…I really try to take care of myself nutrition wise (plus, I feel so much better when I eat good, it’s amazing, the difference in every aspect of my life). I find it easy to drop a pound or two, also (not that you need that, you are super skinny) since I’m running less I’m a lot less hungry.

    Okay, I’ll shut up now, but I really want to see you rock an amazing marathon and have a blast during the race. You work so hard and are 100% ready!

  2. Ha! I knew you would lecture me about my eating, Jen! I am sure Boston IS epic. But after having run 4 marathons where weather, injuries, etc. interfered and made for terrible races, I know it all boils down to things coming together on a particular day. I choose not to sacrifice living the lifestyle I want to live for 12 weeks (or even just for the 3 weeks during taper), on the chance that I will have the perfect day on marathon day. Does that make sense?

    Plus, I’m so lame in my old age now that my craziness on a work night (which I was talking about in my Taper Diet post) is only 2 bud lights anyway. So it’s not like I’m getting trashed in taper. (I did learn that lesson for Marathon #3, where I blew up at Twin Cities on what should have been a good day; when I looked back at my running log and realized my 20 year class reunion – i.e. LOTS of beer – was 3 weeks before the race, I DO think that affected me and I wouldn’t “ruin” my training again like that during taper).

  3. Theia

    Mmmmmmm, Cheetos. 🙂

    Seriously, though, see how this race goes and then maybe next time sacrifice the junk until after the race. Believe me, in tri season there are things I’m absolutely craving, but I remind myself that I want to have every opportunity to succeed on race day. I can eat whatever I want after the race is over. And I do. 🙂

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