How NOT to prepare for a long run

I was reminded this week about the importance of fueling/preparing properly for (and during) a long run.  I pretty much violated all of the things that SHOULD be done before a long run, and boy did it show during my run.  The problem was that I didn’t plan on doing my long run Saturday, but when the weather people started talking about another Evil Minnesota Winter Storm coming early Sunday morning, I knew I had to do it Saturday or it wouldn’t get done.  So I didn’t think about prep/fueling on Friday (and had court all day, which meant very little food and water; followed by too much food and some beer on Friday night).  Then Saturday morning was spent in a class (with lots of coffee and a scone), followed by lunch at McDonalds (which I NEVER eat, but it was quick and we were starving by the time the class ended at 1:30 and at that point I just wanted to eat something and get out and get the run done).  So my long run was started at 2:15 on Saturday (I am SO not an afternoon runner anyway).  I thought it was colder than it was, so I had on an extra layer that just made my legs feel heavy.  The McDonalds fries were making my stomach feel heavy.  Since I was full, I couldn’t stomach gels, so only had 1/2 of one.  I was dehydrated, which was making my legs feel weak and my head feel light-headed.  Little inclines felt like mountains.  Not a good run.  But I was very happy to at least have gotten it in.

I feel pretty good about the first week of taper.  Continuing with what seems to be the norm for this round of training, I didn’t quite stick with the plan.  I was supposed to do an 8k-10k tuneup race, but life and weather got in the way.  I had hoped to at least swap that out for some tempo miles, but it wouldn’t work with my schedule.  No worries though.

I did manage to follow the basic principles of tapering for a marathon:

  • Cut back in total mileage about 20-25%
  • Maintain intensity/quality of training
  • Don’t go crazy and add a bunch of other non-running activity to replace the miles
  • rest the body!

Taper Week #1, recap:

Miles run: 38.9; Minutes biked: 40; weights: 1 time; pilates: 4 times

  • M: biking (40 minutes); weights; pilates
  • T: 4.2 miles (9:02)
  • W: 8 miles (8:33) (w/5x600m at 5k pace; 6:42 -7:16, which was sort of random)
  • Th: pilates
  • F: 6.2 miles (9:04) (w/ 4 hill sprints)
  • Sa: 16 miles (9:26)
  • Su: 4.5 miles (9:50); pilates

Focus for this week:  Eating better, hydrating more, sleeping more!

One thought on “How NOT to prepare for a long run

  1. Good pace on the 16-miler despite your pre-run prep. I’m very impressed that you did the run on a Sat afternoon (after a busy Fri and Sat morning)!! Way to get it done! Enjoy the rest of tapering!

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