Ugly feet! (and Little Rock Week #10 recap)

I’m thinking my feet are gonna scare people at the pool on our cruise!  My feet always have that ugly whitish/yellowish callous type thing on them from running.  The latest and greatest is the lovely blood blister that popped up during my (short) run yesterday and got worse during my long run today.  It didn’t bother me much during the run today (I only noticed it a bit when I turned corners, then pressure would go on it).  But it hurts now that I’ve stopped running.

This week was crazy, with life and work stuff.  It was also crazy with weather fluctuations.  -13 temp (-25 windchills) early in the week and 42 and sunny today!  It felt SO wonderful to be out there in the warmth today.  All kinds of runners, walkers, kids biking, and people just enjoying life came out of the woodwork today.  It made my long run fun.  I just took off from the house and meandered through tons of neighborhoods, watching everyone do their thing.  Then the second half of the run I took the hilly route towards St. Boni and back.  Very fun.  I felt so good and strong during my long run.  Ran the second 1/2 of it faster than the first 1/2.  Ended up with a 9:05 pace overall.

The weather and work ended up making me modify the schedule this week. I skipped an 11 miler completely.  I also didn’t do the intervals that were scheduled (4x1200m at 5k pace), but added a 3 mile tempo instead.  My paces this week have been faster than previous training cycles.  And the faster pace feels easier!

Little Rock Week #10 recap

Miles run:  48; Minutes biked:  45; Pilates: 2 times; Weights 1 1/2 time

  • M: 4 miles (10:09)  (through fresh snow; cold!)
  • T:  bike; weights; pilates
  • W: 10 miles (8:52) (hilly; on TM)
  • Th: 8 miles (8:53) (on TM)
  • F: complete slug rest day
  • Sa: 6 miles (8:19; with 3 hilly miles at tempo of 7:50ish)
  • Su:  20 miles (9:05)

My long runs this training cycle feel a lot better than previous (with the exception of the last 6 miles of my first 20 miler, where I was crying and wanted to die).  They are faster, stronger feeling and on much tougher routes.  In the summer I usually end up doing a good chunk of my long runs on the bike path, which is completely flat.  All of my long runs this time have been on hilly roads.  Good Little Rock prep!



2 thoughts on “Ugly feet! (and Little Rock Week #10 recap)

  1. Joe

    Nice – you have been on such a running groove of late. Hopefully that foot looks a lot more presentable by the time you go cruising

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