40 Days and 40 Nights

I had big plans to do 11 miles, because the schedule called for it and because this is the last big week of training until taper.  But as I was putting my running clothes on, I started thinking about my insanely busy work day.  So I decided to head into work instead, and run after work.  But after work I started thinking about how good just relaxing with the family (and eating chinese food and drinking a couple beers) sounded.  So I didn’t exercise today.  At all.  Not even pilates or core or stretching or anything.  Which made me feel a little guilty, until I looked in my runningahead log and realized that the last time that I was a complete slug, with a complete day off of running and pilates and cross and everything, was on New Years Day.  40 Days and 40 Nights ago!

I need to remind myself that missing one run isn’t going to sabotage my whole training.  I needed the break.   I think I’ll be better for it.  But I’m type-A, so I do still feel a little guilty.

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