Good things!

Good things about today:

  • I got another kick-butt hill workout done on the TM.  10 miles w/ 6 of them hilly.  (2 miles of 1/2 mile at 4%, 1/2 mile at -3%, repeat; 2 miles of 1/4 mile at 4%, 1/4 mile at -3%, repeat; 1 mile increasing every 1/10th from 4% to 6% to 4%; 1 mile of -2% to -3%).  It was at a faster pace than I’d done hilly stuff before, with the uphills being about 8:50 and the downhills being about 8:15, so averaging to MP)
  • I got a cut and foil.  Much needed!
  • It’s apparently my half-birthday today.  I wouldn’t have known, but my daughter texted me “Happy Half Birthday” on the way home.  So any guesses what I decided to stop and buy on the way home?!

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