Weekly wrap up

This was a great week of training, ending with the best weekend of running in a long time.  Both my runs this weekend felt great.  It is amazing what a little warm-up in the weather can do (about 18 degrees during my run yesterday and 28 degrees this morning!).  Last big week of training and, of course, they are now saying this week is going to turn bitterly cold starting tomorrow.

Little Rock Training, Week #9

Miles Run: 55.1; Biking:  45 mintues; Weights: 2 times; Pilates: 2 times

  • M: 5 miles (9:03; hills on TM); bike 15 min.; weights
  • T: 8 miles (8:52; w/ 5x600m at about 7:10 pace on TM); pilates
  • W: bike 30 min.; weights
  • Th: 11.1 miles (8:54)
  • F: 4 miles (9:47)
  • Sa: 21 miles (9:15)
  • Su: 6 miles (9:46); pilates
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One Response to Weekly wrap up

  1. Kristy says:

    28 degrees?! Bring out the shorts! Ha ha…

    Great week! One more to taper time!

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